I Used to Wear Diapers
I Used to Wear Diapers
Hand made book in a double star binding containing linocut prints, etchings, and lettering created with a typewriter.
5" x 5.5" x 1.5" (stretches to 30")

Looking at past, present, and future most people are drawn to uncovering the mysteries of yesterday or discovering the promise of tomorrow. I have always been much more interested in the elusive present. A moment that is only in the present for an indescribably short amount of time before immediately becoming apart of the past.

The book "I Used to Wear Diapers" is an autobiography that starts in the past and ends in the projected future. By illustrating what lay behind and before me it shows a snapshot of who I was- a snapshot that was drifting into the past even before the book was completed.